Hannah Taylor


My art reflects how I am amused and repelled by people and ideas in media and what they represent. Our love affair with celebrity and pop culture is fascinating, hilarious, and sad all at the same time.

I am drawn to singular portraits to best represent the monolithic and propagandist ideals these figures represent to me, so that I may represent them to you. It's all convoluted through mediums anyways: media -> my own filters -> painting or drawing medium -> your own baggage that you bring to the work. My work is very opinionated, as am I.

Caricature and satire are my favorite methods with which to present the larger than life cartoonishness that most media figures and politicians represent to me. However, I firmly believe in maintaining an element of truth. I am forever interested in blurring the line between caricature and simply holding a mirror to the subject matter.

All drawings, paintings, zines and holiday cards are available for sale, please email for details.


  • Drawing with actual materials.


  • Superior hand rendering skills.